“I retired from the corporate world.  I put down the pen and pick up the camera.  I fire up an old hobby and now I can shoot you ; legally.”

Who is Anthony Phung?

Well, last time I checked, Anthony just turn 40. A father of one and a husband of one. He fancies himself as an artist at a very young age. Unfortunately, life was not easy for him and he needs to work hard during his early teens.  On his 12th birthday, Anthony got his first job delivering chips and beers for 1$ an hour after school and weekends at the corner store.  Luckily, tips bails him out.

Today, six years after he retired from the corporate world at the age of 34, Anthony is living his dream.  Below are some pictures and the hidden stories of Anthony that his ego expects you to read.


Here I am! Father of one and husband of one. How do we look? Together for twenty-five years, my wife and I are closer and more in love than ever. Together we’ve collaborated and created a wonderful boy, who is growing into strong, smart, and lovely men.

Thank you for visiting me. Because this is an ongoing drama to be continued… So please come back from time to time.

P.s.  Feel free to comment and if you have any suggestion to offer is greatly appreciated.


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